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Why Horswell Properties?
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Client Testimonial

Let our clients tell you why!  

“Horswell Properties went above and beyond every step of the way.  As a first time home buyer, I was nervous about the process.  They walked me through every step, explained everything I asked about in ways that I could understand, and was respondent to my needs in a prompt manner.  I purchased my home over three months ago, and they still check in with me to ensure everything is going smoothly.  If I had to do it all over again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would contact Horswell Properties to help me through the process.” Allison Day

Real Estate + Financial Planning

Welcome to the future of real estate!  At The Horswell Group, we’re revolutionizing how Buyers and Sellers experience value in connection with the residential real estate transaction.  Real Estate is one of, if not, the most important component of a family’s financial plan. Yet, you cannot find competent Realtors at any financial planning firm, or competent financial planners at any real estate brokerage.  How can that be when Real Estate is one of the biggest assets on a family’s personal financial balance sheet?

Real estate is at the core foundation of wealth creation in America.  When buying and selling, you should expect to work with a firm that is competent in financial planning and is focused on understanding your entire financial picture to be able to represent you when buying or selling real estate.  At Horswell Properties, we don’t just have Agents who execute transactions, delivering the same value every other real estate brokerage offers.  We have Advisors who develop and execute the strategies you need to accomplish your long-term financial goals Through Every Season of life.  This is a clear and decisive advantage over working with any other real estate agent.  The million dollar question is, will you continue to settle for less and work with the standard real estate agent, or will you decide to join the revolution and work with our professionals that can bridge this gap so you can win at real estate at the highest level?

Brad Horswell

Founder | President


You need an agent that you can get a hold of when you need them, keep you updated with the key details throughout the entire process, and most importantly a polished communicator that can speak to all parties of the transaction on your behalf in a way that is most advantageous for your best interest.

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You need an agent that has a thorough understanding of the sales contract and paperwork, how the nuances of the paperwork effects the negotiation, how to manage your risk, and most importantly how to strategically position you to accomplish your goals.


You need an agent that has exceptional attention detail and follow through. Failing to dot an i or cross a t could result in missing out on your dream home, your home not selling, and so much more. Buying and selling real estate is a process that has legal deadlines with tangible consequences when key details are not executed.

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