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"We don't plan for the best and hope the worst doesn't happen.  That is emotion driven consumerism.  That meets the definition of insanity and that is how the majority of families are handling their financial future.  We plan for the worst so that you are insulated from the crippling downsides of that risk.  However, our proprietary strategies deliver industry leading risk management without crippling your ability to capture the upside of taking risk on.  Buying the cheapest insurance doesn't make you smart and will never make you wealthy.  However, buying the cheapest insurance does guarantee that you will likely never become wealthy in your lifetime.  You have to break the penny saver mentality to see the big picture of wealth in order be a chain breaker of financial poverty in your family and future generations.

Brad Horswell

Founder | President

Couples Counseling
Therapy Closeup

Financial Consulting

Financial Assessments

Net Worth Analysis

Personal Financial Statements

Financial Vision Casting

Financial Goal Setting

Financial Management

Financial Budgets

Cash Flow Management

Major Expense Planning

Expense Tracking & Analysis

Banking & Lending

Marriage & Money

Money & Emotions

Debt Free Planning

Home Equity Review & Analysis

Auto Financing & Purchase Planning

Major Purchase Consultation

Home Listing Consultation

Insurance Portfolio Review

Life Coaching:  Strategy & Risk

Entrepreneur & Small Business Coaching


The time is now to start investing money from your budget to grow your bottom line.  Are you ready to take you family and your finances to the next level?

Financial Planning


Financial Coaching + Everything Below


Financial Plans: Create | Manage | Improve

Investments Management & Planning

Retirement Planning

Insurance Risk Management & Planning

Tax & Estate Planning

Employer 401K & Benefits Planning

Education Planning

Life Planning:  Strategy & Risk

Small Business Planning



This is only for those that want to retire, build wealth, and leave a legacy to their children's children!  Are you ready to make the commitment required to be a chain breaker?

Chess Pieces
House Model Balance Equilibrium Concept. Real Estate Money.jpg

Real Estate & Financial Planning

First Time Home Buying Planning

Purchase & Listing Representation

Purchase & Listing Consultation Only

Purchase Finance Consultation

Listing Net Proceeds Analysis

Home Staging Consultation | Planning

Home Remodel Consultation | Planning

Transaction Risk | Strategy | Planning

Buy-Sell Planning 

Roadmap & Relocation Planning

Budget & Home Affordability Analysis

Market Consultation

Capital Gains Tax Planning 

Home Equity Analysis

Broker Opinion of Value

Home Maintenance & Improvement Planning


Your Realtor isn't competent in Financial Planning, and your Financial Planner isn't competent Real Estate.  Who do you have to bridge the gap between buying and selling Real Estate and your Financial Plan?

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